Rosemary’s Love Potion #4

This is Rosemary's famous Love Potion #4. It's not only delicious; it's very cool. (Use caution with the dry ice.) Raspberry Syrup: 7 fresh raspberries 1 tbsp. sugar 1 lime 2 oz. cranberry juice or grenadine Use a muddler to crush the raspberries and combine with the sugar and freshly squeezed juice of the lime... Continue Reading →

Gin Tonic in Caceres, Spain

Gin Tonic and people watching on Plaza Mayor in lovely Caceres, Spain is such a nice way to while away a Spanish hour (or three). I'm missing those moments. To be noted: in Spain, they don't call these a Gin & Tonic. They're called Gin Tonic. When you order one on Plaza Mayor in Caceres,... Continue Reading →

Summer Time and the Drinkin’ was Easy…

September already...memories of a fantastic summer...delicious times...delicious drinks... In no particular order, some of my favorite thirst-quenching moments of 2015: At Spoon and Stable, one of the newest bars and restaurants to open in Minneapolis this year: a cocktail that was too pretty to be called a Mexican Firing Squad One way to beat the... Continue Reading →

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