Quebec City’s Winter Carnival Drink: Caribou

The Carnival's traditional drink ┬ácalled "Caribou" was invented by Ti-Pere who has since passed on. Today, during the Carnival, festival-goers can visit a museum in Old Quebec where all of his collection of Carnival memorabilia is on display. Visitors can also sample the "Caribou" he created. Caribou Recipe for 10 people: 3 oz. vodka 3... Continue Reading →

Warm up at the Ice Hotel bar in Quebec City

Ice, ice. Ice, baby. When you're at the Ice Hotel bar in Quebec City, not only are the glasses made with ice, the entire bar is made of ice. In fact, the whole building is made with ice. The signature drink is a concoction prepared with vodka and Cidre de glace (Ice Cider)--and it's guaranteed... Continue Reading →

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