Summer Time and the Drinkin’ was Easy…

September already…memories of a fantastic summer…delicious times…delicious drinks…
In no particular order, some of my favorite thirst-quenching moments of 2015:

At Spoon and Stable, one of the newest bars and restaurants to open in Minneapolis this year: a cocktail that was too pretty to be called a Mexican Firing Squad

One way to beat the morning desert heat in Palm Springs, California: start the day with the Bloody Mary at Cheeky’s (there’s a monkey somewhere in there too). The spicy cocktail goes great with a “flight of bacon.”  You heard me. They offer flights of bacon from their “bacon bar”: kaffir lime, jalapeño, apple cinnamon, brown sugar….

Another new bar and restaurant to open in 2015 in northeast Minneapolis: Betty Danger’s Country Club

Cast Iron Shrimp in spicy butter sauce–best accompanied by Betty’s classic fantastic margarita, followed by a ride on the ferris wheel!

There really is nothing like sunset on Lake Superior with wine (in a thermal sippy cup).

Downtown Minneapolis: The Butcher and the Boar serves up lots of great beer, but also puts together a pretty refreshing mojito.

A Cosmo at Copley’s in Palm Springs: such a nice way to cool down in the desert evening (Cary would approve)

At the Lavender Festival at Highland Springs Resort & 123 Farm in California: a delicate lavender margarita made by a handsome bartender…what could be better?

Classic Cosmo (or three) at the Martini Bar at Chicago’s Knickerbocker Hotel–made by a bartender who knows what he’s doing: he has been shaking martinis up for almost 20 years there.

Quite possibly the best Moscow Mule ever served (to me): at Palm Springs Escena Golf Club

Another great Cosmo (do we see a pattern here?) with a gorgeous view: Whistling Straits Golf Course in Kohler, WI

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