Santa Fe, NM: Selecto Lounge in the Hotel St. Francis is a Great Gathering Spot

Located in the Hotel St. Francis in Santa Fe, the Selecto Lounge and Bar is a popular and cozy bar where locals and hotel guests start meandering in before 5 p.m. every day. If you want a table or a seat at the bar, get there early. Cocktails are shaken and prepared by a bartender who never loses his cool–even when the place is packed and he’s the only one taking orders, mixing ’em all up and delivering them to customers. The drinks are delicious–I tried the Agave Way, the Spicy Selecto (not spicy), and the Smoked Sage Margarita. My fave? My sister’s fave? The Agave Way.

The “Smoked Sage Margarita” (above) had a hickory smoked salt rim which I liked–something perhaps worth a try next time we make margaritas at home.

The “Spicy Secreto” (above left) I did not find spicy at all. It was good, but the hands down winner was the Agave Way (the pink drink above).

Next time, I want to try the Bruleed Cherry Old-Fashioned. I’m on an Old-Fashioned taste test. Searching¬†for the perfect Old-Fashioned cocktail…stay tuned. (I think I found it in Wisconsin!)

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