Warm up at the Ice Hotel bar in Quebec City

Ice, ice. Ice, baby. When you’re at the Ice Hotel bar in Quebec City, not only are the glasses made with ice, the entire bar is made of ice. In fact, the whole building is made with ice. The signature drink is a concoction prepared with vodka and Cidre de glace (Ice Cider)–and it’s guaranteed to warm you to your toes. A very good thing.

DSC_0164Quebec City’s Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) is open from January 2 to March 23, 2014.  It truly is a hotel; with some 44 theme rooms and suites. While I did not feel the need to sleep there,

folks who have stayed the night say it’s most certainly a “once in a lifetime” experience. As for me, I prefer sipping an icy cocktail and then retiring to a room where a fireplace won’t melt the walls.

During the day, the Ice Hotel is filled with families, singles, and men and women of all ages visiting (there is an entrance fee) and wandering around the dazzling premises. At one point, I was by myself taking photos of the check-in desk when a friendly couple (who thought I was alone I’m sure), offered to take my photo. It’s that kind of place. Because the hotel and its bar are also a tourist atttraction, a woman of any age would certainly feel comfortable here (unless of course, she’s not dressed warmly enough). Forget fashion, embrace that pair of long underwear, and enjoy the Ice Hotel’s bar. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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