Palm Springs Colors

To sit by a table under an umbrella in Palm Springs--or, better yet, by the pool of your friend's home in Palm Springs with a "Grapefruit Drop" martini--is to imbibe the very essence of this  retro mid-century modern California town. The Rat Pack's Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra may have preferred the regular cocktail in the city... Continue Reading →

Rosemary’s Love Potion #4

This is Rosemary's famous Love Potion #4. It's not only delicious; it's very cool. (Use caution with the dry ice.) Raspberry Syrup: 7 fresh raspberries 1 tbsp. sugar 1 lime 2 oz. cranberry juice or grenadine Use a muddler to crush the raspberries and combine with the sugar and freshly squeezed juice of the lime... Continue Reading →

Champagne Morning Prayer

The "Morning Prayer" sign from Champagne country in France says it all: Give me health for a long time Work not too often Love from time to time But Champagne all the time! I'll say. Amen to that.

Gin Tonic in Caceres, Spain

Gin Tonic and people watching on Plaza Mayor in lovely Caceres, Spain is such a nice way to while away a Spanish hour (or three). I'm missing those moments. To be noted: in Spain, they don't call these a Gin & Tonic. They're called Gin Tonic. When you order one on Plaza Mayor in Caceres,... Continue Reading →

Summer Time and the Drinkin’ was Easy…

September already...memories of a fantastic summer...delicious times...delicious drinks... In no particular order, some of my favorite thirst-quenching moments of 2015: At Spoon and Stable, one of the newest bars and restaurants to open in Minneapolis this year: a cocktail that was too pretty to be called a Mexican Firing Squad One way to beat the... Continue Reading →

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